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安琨 教授,博士生导师




2019.12~           同济大学交通运输工程学院综合交通信息与控制工程系,教授   

2018.02~2019.11 莫纳什大学土木工程系,高级讲师

2016.03~2018.01 莫纳什大学土木工程系,讲师

2015.03~2016.02 伊利诺伊大学香槟分校土木工程系,博士后

2014.09~2015.02 香港科技大学土木工程系,博士后


2010.08-2014.08 博士,香港科技大学土木工程系

2005.08-2009.06 学士,同济大学交通运输工程学院


香港博士政府奖学金(Hong Kong PhD Fellowship),2010-2014




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1. ARC DP18, Australia Scalable urbantraffic control framework driven by distributed information, CI, Fund: 294, 139 AUD, 2018-2020

2. Monash University Linkage Seed Fund, Australia Logistics management for blood sample transportation, LeadCI, Fund: 28, 000 AUD, 2018-2019

3. Monash University Discovery Seed Fund, AustraliaSustainable charginginfrastructure deployment for electric vehicles, LeadCI, Fund: 29, 780 AUD, 2017-2018


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Transportation Research Part B, Transportation ResearchPart E, Transportation Research Part A,Transportation Research Part C, Transportation Research Part D, TransportationScience, Transportation ResearchRecord, European Journal ofOperational Research, IEEETransactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems etc.

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Transportation Research BoardAnnual Meeting(TRB), International Conference of Hong Kong Society forTransportation Studies(HKSTS), Australasian Transport Research Forum (ATRF)

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Australasian Transport Research Forum (ATRF), Auckland, New Zealand,2017.

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